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Ideal for a wide variety of applications, qualities include:

Clearly transparent : maximises light transmission, up to 90%
Unbeatable impact resistance : much safer than glass, with an impact strength up to 200 times greater
Economy : through resistance to breakage against vandalism
Flexibility : flexible enough to be cold bent on site for curved applications
Durability : offers excellent resistance to the weather and atmospheric conditions.
Excellent outdoor performance : suitable for interior and exterior use
UV Stabilised
Good workability : cutting and drilling the material are straightforward procedures requiring only the most basic of tools
Ideal for a wide variety of interior and exterior glazing and design applications, qualities include:

Flexibility : easily cut, bent and shaped
Excellent thermoforming capabilities
Strong yet light in weight
Safer and 8 times stronger than glass
Simple to handle and install
High light transmission
UV resistant
Excellent scratch resistance
Is easily kept bright and clean
Will not discolour
Good workability : cutting and drilling the material are straightforward procedures requiring only the most basic of tools

PVC is an economic and very versatile material that is strong and rigid with good impact strength and low moisture absorbency. It is inherently flame retardant with excellent chemical resistance.

PVC is available in sheet produced by four different methods of manufacture. Each type of sheet has the same intrinsic properties but the production method allows additional characteristics enabling the ideal PVC sheet to be available for your application.

Extruded PVC can be printed, fabricated easily, included welded construction, and is suitable for thermoforming.

Trovidur ET - a clear transparent grade with excellent light transmission and weather resistant with very low moisture absorption. It is available up to 20mm thick and has a gloss surface finish.

Trovidur EN - a pigmented variant of Trovidur which has all the normal properties of extruded PVC but has a slightly higher operating temperature than Trovidur ET. It is available in black, white, grey and a range of colours. It has a satin surface finish.

Trovidur ESA provides increased impact resistance grade, even at low temperatures.

Trovidur ESA-D - a special grade specifically for screen printing. Trovidur HT A chlorinated PVC it will raise the upper service temperature and will further improve the excellent chemical resistance of PVC, especially when exposed to chlorine.

Telbex - available in clear transparent, opaque and transparent colours or industrial grey. A range of pastel colours and patterned sheets are specifically produced for hygienic cladding.

Telbak - a high impact grade available in clear transparent and special grades.

Stericlad® - a modified PVC sheet treated with silver ions to make it a product that eradicates MRSA, E Coli and other microbacteria in environmental health conscious areas.

Staufen® film grades of PVC available in white and clear in a thickness range from 0.14mm to 1mm.With opaque and modified impact grades it is designed for the screen, litho and digital printing markets.

Polyolefine - with their extremely high chemical resistance, very low moisture absorbency and wear resistance Polyolefines provide a versatile range of products for many applications.

Polypropylene Polystone® is a tough material that is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals. It can be fabricated including welded construction and is suitable for thermoforming. Its "inherent hinge property" makes it resistant to fatigue from repeated flexing. Polystone P is impermeable to water vapour and will withstand repeated steam cleaning making it suitable for hygienic cladding applications. It is available in natural, black and white and heat stabilised beige. Fleece or fabric backed sheets are available for GRP lamination.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Polystone G HDPE has a wide working temperature and maintains its impact resistance at low temperatures. It is a good thermal insulator and is easy to weld and thermoform. It is available in natural, black and blue.

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMW) Polystone® D HMW has a higher molecular weight than Polypropylene and HDPE which makes it easier to machine but makes it unsuitable for thermoforming. It is extensively used for wear or abrasion resistant applications and is used for cutting boards where it has little effect on the knife edge.

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) Polystone® M UHMW is the toughest of all the polyolefines and has extraordinary resistance to wear and abrasion. Coupled with excellent compressive, good low temperature impact strength and a low coefficient of friction UHMW is a most unique material.

Twinplast Corrugated fluted polypropylene sheet designed for the screen and flat bed digital printing market. Manufactured from 2mm to 10mm in thickness it combines the strength and rigidity of Polypropylene with the light weight characteristics of a corrugated sheet. The sheet is corona treated to improve the ink adhesion.

Amari DigiPrint - a modified corrugated fluted Polypropylene sheet that has been made whiter, smoother and squarer to improve the print surface. The sheet is also corona treated to a higher level to improve UV ink adhesion.

Bubble Board® - a new construction of Polypropylene sheet that is made from 2mm to 8mm thick and combines layers of Polypropylene film with a core of Polypropylene bubbles. It is therefore very lightweight and exceptionally rigid. The product is corona treated for the print market and has an exceptionally smooth surface – with no corrugations.

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