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Freefoam is a leading manufacturer and marketer of building products including a wide range of
rainwater systems, fascias, soffits, external cladding and interior decorative panelling. Freefoam’s
products offer home owners, house builders, local authorities, developers and installers a
low-maintenance alternative to conventional building materials. In addition, Freefoam’s products
are stylish, versatile and come in a large range of colours and designs to add style and definition
to domestic and commercial buildings.
Freeflow is a range of innovative, high quality PVC-U rainwater systems that are the result of
Freefoam’s culture of continuous innovation and investment in research and development.
A 20 Year Extended Guarantee is available on all registered Freeflow installations subject to terms
and conditions. Freeflow rainwater systems are available in square, half round, ogee and deep styles.
Each rainwater system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours -
Freefoam’s new innovative solution to the problems associated with rapid heat absorption and
expansion of gutters.
Widely published test results show that while a white surface exposed to sunshine can
absorb heat and attain a surface temperature 10
C or more over the air temperature, dark
surfaces can rise a further 30-40
C and exceed the softening point of the PVC. On large capacity
gutters with a large surface area facing the sun, this can be a particular problem. All
Freeflow gutter systems are co-extruded with coloured exteriors and white interiors. While the
interior will be exposed to sunlight as normal, its absorption of heat from the sun and subsequent
expansion along its width and length will be significantly reduced, thus dramatically decreasing the
probability of any associated problems.
The ogee gutter system is symmetrical thus eliminating the need for stockists or installers to
have to stock a range of left and right hand parts.
The Freeflow range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and
quick installation. In addition, it is compatible with other rainwater systems with a range of
adaptors. Freeflow products come in a range of standard colours including white, black and
brown, while other colours are available on special order.

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