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Polypipe Terrain Marscar Bowl Installation Guide
Marscar system
The 4DMB Marscar Bowl has 4 inlet options. One is open, the other 3 are blanked off with
removable caps (Fig. 24). An additional 2 inlets may be cut into the bowl if required.
Up to 3 raising pieces (4DI235R) are available
to achieve a maximum invert depth of bowl of 1m.
The final raising piece may be cut as necessary to
reach precise height required.
All items - outlet, pipework, junction or bend - are
assembled using standard ‘push-fit’ jointing
procedures. No special sealing compound is required.
The bowl may be rotated in any direction to suit lateral connections, even against the flow.
The four pre-cut inlets are each adjustable by varying degrees to accommodate pipe runs.
* For areas outside adjustment and to overcome changes in vertical angle or entry
when rotating the pipe:
• 4DV40 Variable Bend may be used
• 4D25D Bend 45° will achieve maximum adjustment to align inlet with pipe runs
Polypipe Terrain Marscar Bowl Installation Guide
Optimum cleansing of bowl
To achieve optimum cleansing of bowl, the inlet should be orientated to create circular flow
(Fig. 26a).
The desired angle of entry may be achieve by rotating the bowl and using an additional bend
(up to 45°) to align with branch drain (Fig. 26b).
Inlet(s) positions which will cause flow directly across the bowl should be avoided (Fig. 26c).
Invert depths and drop-out pipe lengths
The following tables allow assessment of invert depths (Fig. 27), effective lengths of drop-out pipe, and linear
displacement for Marscar bowl installation.
Drop-out pipe lengths
Fig. 27
Note: Linear displacement ‘C’ is approx the same as the ‘A

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