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(Fortex) is a range of innovative cladding products that couple the benefits of lowmaintenance PVC with the authentic look and feel of real timber. The products have
an attractive textured woodgrain effect and come in a range of standard and bespoke
Fortex is available in a range of styles and in single and double plank formats. The double
plank format makes installation even easier and quicker than normal. In addition, Fortex is
UV and weather resistant, and requires little maintenance once installed which is a major
benefit for the owners of residential homes, mobile homes and commercial buildings.
Energy bills are high and set to get higher in the future. While we have little control over these increases, we
are not defenseless! Did you know that the deterioration of the exterior of your house - cracks, leaks and
accumulations of dampness - is costing you dearly? In fact, a damp exterior loses almost all of its insulation
One solution is to insulate the exterior of your home with Fortex cladding. Not only will you reduce your
energy bill, but you will also reduce CO2 emissions thus directly benefitting the environment. Designed for
all types of exteriors - brick, masonry or concrete - the fixing of Fortex cladding is quick and easy, and you
will feel the benefits immediately.
Invest better; invest green
For many of us, our house represents the biggest investment of our lives. Meticulous and regular
maintenance will enable you to retain the value in your home. However, by fixing Fortex cladding to your
home you will make that job easy - itís UV and weather resistant and just requires an occasional wipe
down with water and a mild detergent to maintain a clean and grime free appearance. Freefoamís cladding
products qualify for a 10 year guarantee*.

Freefoam cellular PVC conforms to the following requirements:
- BS 476: Pt 6:1989 Resistance to Fire Propogation - Class 1
- BS 476: Pt 7:1987 Resistance to Spread of Flames - Class 1Y
Thermal Insulation
Freefoam profiles, due to the cellular foam core composition, have a general thermal
conductivity rate of between 0.06 and 0.1 W/mK (depending on the configuration and profile
thickness). This represents a performance superior to timber or other natural products.

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