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This product addresses the problems of
eaves protection & roof space ventilation
and also the issue of ingress by insects, birds
& pests. Another function of the Eaves
Protector is in preventing damage to roofing
felt or in replacing worn or damaged roofing
The Eaves Protector is suitable for both full
replacement and new-build applications.

Eaves Protector is fitted prior to slating
or tiling. The Eaves Protector can be
installed before or after the gutter is
fixed. Fit on the top of fascia board with
rear section of the Eaves Protector
resting on the rafters and positioned
underneath the roofing felt as in fig. 1.
The bird comb is attached to the eaves
protector via male/female connectors
as shown in fig. 2. The comb must angle
outwards away from the roof so
it will bend forward under tiles
as shown in fig. 3. The indicator
arrows on the comb show the
assembly direction.

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