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(Full Replacement/New Build Fascia) Freefoam offer a wide range of facia/reveal liners and full replacement/ new-build fascias in a choice of styles, sizes and colours to suit any building design and improve the appearance of any façade. Whether for new-build or renovation, homeowners/installers have a choice of plain, ogee, square edged, or round nosed fascia boards in 8mm and 10mm widths for capping or supported installations, as well as larger 15mm, 18mm and 25mm full replacement/ new build boards for the perfect installation each time All fascia systems come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, and a selection of roofline accessories to ad that finishing touch to any property. In addition to the 3 popular décor mouldings [ogee, plain-open, and plain closed], we now offer 2 new scalloped decorative fascias in convex and concave styles for quick, easy and stylish applications. Some profiles can be also be used as window boards and can be installed internally or externally as new/replacement window capping or as reveal liners. gnum Extra Square Leg Fascia - 25mm FWFX 135Degree Ext. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWFXI 135Degree Int Plain Corner Piece 10 FMXS150 150mm 5m 1 FMXS175 175mm 5m 1 FMXS200 200mm 5m 1 FMXS225 225mm 5m 1 FMXS250 250mm 5m 1 FMXS405 405mm 5m 1 FWXX 600mm Double Ended Ext. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWJJ 600mm Double Ended Plain Corner Piece 10 FWEC End Cap Pair (L&R) 10 FWX Ext. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWXI Int. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWDC Large End Cap Piece 10 FWJ Plain Joiner Piece 10 Magnum Ogee Fascia - 18mm FOB 125Degree Ogee Box Angle Joiner Piece 10 FOFX 135Degree Ext. Ogee Corner Piece 10 FOFXI 135Degree Int. Ogee Corner Piece 10 FMO150 150mm 5m 2 FMO175MM 175mm 5m 2 FMO200 200mm 5m 2 FMO225 225mm 5m 2 FMO250 250mm 5m 2 FMO405 405mm Double Ended 5m 1 FOXX 600mm Double Ended Ext. Ogee Corner Piece 10 FOJJ 600mm Double Ended Ogee Joiner Piece 10 FOX Ext. Ogee Corner Piece 10 FOXI Int. Ogee Corner Piece 10 FOJ Ogee Joiner Piece 10 Magnum Roundnose Fascia - 18mm FMRFX 135Degree Ext. Roundnose Corner Piece 10 FMRFXI 135Degree Int. Roundnose Corner Piece 10 FMR150 150mm 5m 2 FMR175 175mm 5m 2 FMR200 200mm 5m 2 FMR225 225mm 5m 2 FMR250 250mm 5m 2 FMR405 405mm Double Ended 5m 1 FMRJJ 600mm Double Ended Roundnose Joiner Piece 10 FRMXX Double Ended Ext. Roundnose Corner Piece 10 FMREC End Cap Pair (L&R) 10 FMRXI Int. Roundnose Corner Piece 10 FMRDC Large End Cap Piece 10 Magnum Square Leg Fascia - 18mm FWFX 135Degree Ext. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWFXI 135Degree Int. Plain Corner Piece 10 FMS150 150mm 5m 2 FMS175 175mm 5m 2 FMS200 200mm 5m 2 FMS225 225mm 5m 2 FMS250 250mm 5m 2 FMS405 405mm Double Ended 5m 1 FWXX 600mm Double Ended Ext. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWJJ 600mm Double Ended Plain Joiner Piece 10 FWEC End Cap Pair (L&R) 10 FWX Ext. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWXI Int. Plain Corner Piece 10 FWDC Large End Cap Piece 10 FWJ Plain Joiner Piece 10
(PLAIN FASCIA / REVEAL LINER 10mm) FOR USE AS OVER FASCIA, COVERING EXISTING TIMBER. FOR USE AS INTERNAL WINDOW BOARD AND REVEAL LINER. AVAILABLE SIZES: 100mm 150mm 175mm 200mm 225mm 300mm 400MM 410 DOUBLE ENDED 450MM605MM DOUBLE ENDED AVAILABLE COLOURS WHITE/LIGHT OAK/ROSEWOOD /BLACK ASH/ FREEFOAM ROOFLINE SYSTEM: The Freefoam roofline systms a fully integrated fascia and soffit system providing specifiers and installers with an environmentally friendly low maintenance solution for their renovation, full replacement and new build project needs. COMPOSITION AND MANUFACTURE: Freefoam products are 100% lead-free and manufactured using an advanced environmentally friendly formulation for long life and maximum performance. ADVANTAGES OF FREEFOAM PVC PRODUCTS: = Low maintenance = Choice of colour,style and finish =Lead-free environmentally friendly solution =Resistant to acids,alkalis,weather & other pollutants =Will not warp,crack,discolour or blister =lightweight and easy to work with =Traditional installation methods and tools =Compatable with other building products =Complies with relivent B.S. standards =High thermal insulation properties =Tested fire resistance properties =Extensive product gauranties Freefoam is a leading manufacturer of PVC-U and PVC-UE building products for roofline and rainwater applications including a wide range of fascias, soffits, rainwater systems, external cladding and interior decorative panelling. Freefoams PVC roof trim products offer house builders, local authorities, developers and installers a low-maintenance alternative to conventional timber fascia and soffit. In addition, Freefoams products are stylish, versatile and come in a large range of colours and designs to add style and definition to domestic and commercial buildings. The Company was founded in Cork, Ireland in 1990 and co-ordinates manufacturing and sales for the Irish and Continental markets. Its subsidiary company in Northampton, Freefoam Plastics (U.K.) Ltd., manages the manufacturing, distribution and sales activities for the UK market. Freefoam supports the excellence and innovation of its products through its proficient and professional service, ensuring that it delivers what customers need, when they need it, and this includes service, advice and support. Freefoam employs over 200 staff throughout Europe and considers its role within the community as vital to its success. To ensure minimal adverse effects on the local environment the manufacturing process is subjected to continual review. It operates to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards for continuous improvement across all operations, processes and procedures to ensure that its customers receive the highest level of quality and service. In addition, Freefoam has been a leading advocate of lead-free environmentally friendly manufacturing of PVC roofline products for many years, thus enabling the Company to offer a 20 Year Extended Guarantee against discolouration on registered installations. The Freefoam roof trim system is certified by both the British and Irish Agrement Boards (the BBA and IAB).
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We are a locally run independent company offering the best quality products available at very competitive prices, we are now able to offer a 10 year guarantee on coloured guttering as well as a 20 year guarantee on white fascias and soffits w ith free delivery on orders over 100 net,and with a huge range of products
available from our well stocked shops we guarantee a first class service
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